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FTM Garage Sale

Buy buy buy! Sell sell sell!

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As you may know, LiveJournal rolled out a new user agreement that says it will ban posts about “political convictions” and “political solicitation,” which could effectively include LGBTQ content. (You can read all about that here.)

That means communities for FTM folk could be banned and/or deleted, including this one. FTMGarageSale is one of the best places to buy and sell FTM gear and transition-related items, so I have created a SECRET Facebook group that users should join if they want to continue being a part of this group. That means that even if you join with your "real life" Facebook account, ONLY members will be able to see the group at all - nobody will even know that you are a part of it. I encourage those who are stealth to create an alternate account before joining if privacy is a concern.

Because it IS secret, you can only join if I add you to the group - please feel free to send me a friend request by clicking here. Anyone who friend requests me will be added to the NEW FTMGarageSale group when I next log on. As soon as you are added, feel free to begin posting.

You may continue to post here as well but please be aware that this community may be removed by LiveJournal at any time, which is the only reason why another platform had to be considered. Any questions or comments, please message me.

Welcome to the FTM Garage Sale LiveJournal community!

The name is pretty self-explanatory. This community is solely for selling secondhand, lightly used, or new FTM accessories. (Anything you want to sell that's at least somewhat FTM-related.)

Advertising to buy a certain accessory is also allowed. No real rules, except the obvious:

1. The moderator of this group is not affiliated with any sales or trades unless otherwise specified. All transactions are the responsibility of any involved persons.

2. If you are a buyer interested in purchasing a product NOT in it's original packaging, you are buying AT YOUR OWN RISK.

3. Don't be a jerk.

4. If a post is irrelevant, it will be removed.

5. Spamming and scamming are bannable offenses without warning.

Photos of merchandise for sale are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

By joining this community, you free the moderator of responsibility for your future transactions conducted using it.

BUYER BEWARE: Use this service at your own risk. Please do not spam the board flaming a buyer or seller regarding lost packages, no payment, or another scam of sorts. Feel free to message one of our moderators and we will dispense the warning to the message board and ban the member if applicable. Please take screenshots for proof, if possible.

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