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Dominator for sale, I don't remember the exact color but it's caucasian and it comes with the rod-$100 plus shipping. Message me at manfradobuoy@gmail.com for pictures

Stp For sale

Axolom Astro 3&1 Uncut-Description: 3&1 stp with pleasure ridges. (Company is in the process of creating a insert.)
Color:C5 (caramel, light brown)
Price: $70 (includes free shipping within USA)
*Used once, item will include everything in the picture,
just did not work out for me

For more information please contact me at (678) 753-7397.

Emisil Packers and STPs plus ReelMagik Packer

I am selling all of my STPs and packers. I would be happy to provide more photos and information about each. All of them have been boiled and scrubbed, but I will repeat the process again before shipping them out. I can give an honest review of each product, as well. Please email me at jaxmittler@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any. Can be shipped immediately.   

Emisil STP Gen 3 - $350 (purchased for $490) color S08 https://www.emisil.com/stp-packer-3rd-generation.html   

Emisil FL02 - $250 (purchased for $390) color s08 https://www.emisil.com/ftm-packer-trans-fl02.html  

Emisil Compact - $70 (purchased for $100) color light https://www.emisil.com/ftm-pee-stp-prosthetic.html  

Reelmagik Basic Packer 4.5" cut - $40 (purchased for $60) color p1.5 https://www.reelmagik.com/bp-step-2-4-inch.html   

[photo description: 4 prosthetic penises on a grey comforter. Next to each prosthetic is a white text box with black writing containing the following descriptions that correspond with each prosthetic.  Top center:  Emisil Compact $70 (purchased for $100)  Bottom left:  Emisil STP Gen 3 $350 (purchased for $490)   Bottom center:  Reelmagik Basic Packer 4.5" cut $40 (purchased for $60)]  Bottom right:  Emisil FL02 $250 (purchased for $390)]

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Still selling a bunch of stuff

Still selling the following. I sterilize everything before sending and ship discreetly with tracking number the next available business day. I ship to lower US 48 only, sorry!

1) Freetom Pack n Play Simple in color Engorged 1. Literally never used! My loss is your gain! Please take this off my hands! Retails for $99-120 new (Freetom is shifty about their pricing). Asking $85 with free shipping. Update: the link is dead now but this is very much a product that they sold. You can dm me for more details. I have no clue why Freetom is so odd about removing products but I can promise this is a real item, lol.

2) Santos STP (also sold as "TS 3 in 1 STP") in Caramel (second lightest shade). Not the painted version. In great shape, barely used. Doesn't work with the way I pack. Asking $40, free shipping.

Form Function LLC "BJ Dildo"
(the original, not Gen 2) in the medium shade. Only used once to see how it worked, never used for penetration. Doesn't work for my anatomy. Great silicone, velvety soft, well made product, looks like it would do well in a harness if you want to do that with it too. Retails for $84 plus shipping new. Asking $50, free shipping.

3) TranZwear/BulletBriefs EZ Bulge in black, one each of the the "softer" and the "firmer" version. Asking $8 each or $15 for both including shipping costs.

Themensroomtransshop TS NiceT Harness, Large (38-40 in). Never worn except for a size test in which I discovered they run just small enough to not fit me. I have 2 of them. Asking $12 including shipping costs for one or $18 including shipping costs for both.
4) Themensroomtransshop TS Briefs for Swimming in Large (38-40 in). Brand new, literally still in package. Asking $18 including shipping costs.

5) New York Toy Collective magnetic packer pouch in gray. I wear my underwear a bit too high up on my waist for it to have my packer sitting naturally. I sewed another magnet into the pouch so it is much more effective, but warning! It will now have to be hand washed. Retails for $19 new not including shipping, asking $13 including shipping costs. Warning, envelope may stick to the insides of your mailbox.

Interested? Text me at 814-429-9755. I accept both PayPal and Venmo. Again, I guarantee both sterility and discretion. Thanks for looking.