Charlie (y0te) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Selling all sorts of things to fundraise for surgery!

'Ello all, I'm Charlie and I'm a student funding for top surgery next year! I have a steady list of items for sale, which currently includes:

-Custom and Rare Pokemon Plush
-A Medium (Black) Tri Top Binder that has been lightly used
-Unworn Jeans in sizes 28x28/30
-Various gaming consoles + games
-Rare Zoids models and resin kits
-Custom Artwork commissions

And much more! If you are interested in any of the above, message me here, send me an email at, or IM me at my AOL screen name Mute Coyote!

All items will have posts dedicated to them on my fundraising page here! I keep it as regularly updated as possible, so check back there or add me as a friend here for regular updates. :]

Photos, updates and more here!

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