s h o t s o f v o d k a (shotsofvodka) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
s h o t s o f v o d k a

We brought a feeldoe in May. It's never been used. It has been taken out of it's box and the box has been thrown out. It also comes with a little bullet. The batteries that are in it still work.

http://www.pinkcherry.ca/Tantus-Feeldoe-Original-Wearable-Vibrating-Double-Dildo-Violet/productinfo/TT.F9911/ here's a link to the info and what not.

I paid 110$ Asking for 70 with shipping. But if you live outside of Canada/US shipping might cost more depending.

PM me or leave a comment here. Price can be negotiable.

We also only take paypal. (if you dont have paypal. we can work something out)


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