Carson (carsonftm) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Surgery in March need extra money.

Hey as the title says my top surgery is in March and I am just looking to make a bit of extra money as I have stuff that I don't use anymore.

I have 2 small black double front compression tanks from underworks that are a little stretched but still bind fine. I also have 2 more of the same if you are willing to wait until mid march. Asking $20 for each.

I also have a likereal prosthetic for sale. It is the 310 model ( It is the dual but has never been used for sex, just packing and has been throughly cleaned off and sanitized. Unfortunately I just threw out all the adhesive I had in a cleaning spree but I bought the hollister medical grade adhesive on amazon(it is cheaper than on the likereal website). I paid $200 asking for $100.

Also I have a Vixskin Lonestar that I bought from toolshedtoys for sale. It was only used a few times and then always with a condom. It has been completely sanitized. Not sure if I can sell this but its worth a shot. I paid $95 and will take anything around $50 for it.

Feel free to email me at and I'll be sure to answer any of your questions or email you pictures.

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