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looking for some help

My names mike.. im starting the transition process and have no insurance or job. i live with friends and literally pay rent by cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry for now. but.. i need help. I cant afford a binder and desperately want one. I use a sports bra for a "large" woman... it'd fit maybe a 36 C properly. im a 40DD/DDD/E it depents on the fit of the bra-type item.. i can fit a DD bra, E sports bra somewhat comfortably, and im about 155-170lbs. If anyone could help i'd be forever indebted. if youd like to try and trade for something i can see what ive got to offer.
also.. off topic kinda but if you know of anywhere that might hire an FTM and allow them to use male names in the cincinnati area... youd be a hero.

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