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XS Underworks Tri-Tops for sale.

I have three, extra-small, used, black tri-tops for sale (Style 983).

I'm asking $15 each. They aren't ripped or anything like that, they're about a year old and still bind just fine, but just not as tightly as I'd like anymore. They'd probably suit someone well if they don't care about being ~flat as a board~ or if they're in that awkward size between XS and S. I personally am sort of crazy about being as flat as I possibly can and that's the only reason why I'm buying new ones, haha.

Anyway, I'd prefer Paypal because it's easiest, but a check or money order (or if you're comfortable with it, concealed cash) in the mail would be fine, too!

Just post here and let me know (or you can email me if you'd like -- vombatiformes@gmail.com).

Thanks! :]

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