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FTM dual prosthetic + 2 new medical adhesive

Hey to everybody.
I am in a difficult moment and I am very lack of money for last surgery, so I need to sell my FTM prosthetic.
It's a DUAL WITH SACK (regular size) made by special australian clinic "Camouflage Prosthetics."
The prosthetic was used just 1 time for wearing and packing, not used in sex, then accurately cleaned, disinfected, still in original package and not used anymore.
It was bought in late January 2010.

Together with the prosthetic, will come a extra strong medical adhesive from Factor2 (B-460, 20mL) and a extra strong extra thick medical adhesive tube 60mL Fixer-C.
They are both brand new.

I am asking just 800$, finished price with trackable and insured express shipping worldwide.
We can deal a bit about the price.

For further pics about the prosthetic just write me a pm or send email to:


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