agnostichaos (agnostichaos) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Ok guys I have been going through my summer clothes from last year and trying to get rid of somet things I know I will not wear.

I will be accepting paypal and discreetly concealed cash. Shipping is included in price I am guessing it will be $5 or so. Something to consider when looking at the price

These shorts have gotten very little wear b/c there isn't much brown in my wardrobe. They are 32 waist. $10

These shorts are Van's brand size 32 waist. They are not cargo in case you can't tell by the pic. $8

Aeropastel brand shorts. size 31 waist. fits more like 32. $10

32 in waist. $7

These are cut off shorts I made out of black cargo pants. They are a little more worn but still in good shape. 32 in waist. $5

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