diprotodontia (diprotodontia) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Binders for sale.

Hey guys!

I'm getting new binders and putting my old ones up for sale. They still work, but they're a couple years old and just aren't binding as flat as they used to due to wear and being pulled on and off everyday, etc, and I'm particularly picky about being really really flat (which is why I went ahead and got new ones).

I have two black and one white extra small tri-tops. Had three black ones but promised one to a friend in Oz. Buh.

I'm asking $10 plus shipping for each of them. I'd prefer to use Paypal if you have it.

OR (and this would make me really happy). If you have a style 988 binder from Underworks in extra small I'll trade you two of these for it!

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