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Some clothes for sale & in need of a binder

Hey everyone! First off the name is Jay. I'm a sixteen year old trannyboi who's in need of money! I have some clothes that I found that I'm looking to sell so I can raise money for top surgery. Some worn, some not so worn.

First of all though I'm looking for a medium tri-top binder, almost new-ish (or not too old, stretched out. Need it for swimming & binding) Looking to swap or maybe a donation? I'm an absolutely broke teenager fresh out of high school who doesn't have a job and needs to be able to pass at college in the fall. Please comment or message me if you have one! I'll be extremely appreciative.

As for the clothes:

Roxy "Addicted to Love" Girls Snowpants size Large. They're big on me and quite thin, not the best but if you layer up (which I dont XD) underneath they should be good. The bottoms are a bit torn up because they were long on me. I'm willing to go anywhere from $30-60

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine Hoodie size large, barely worn. $20-25

Old Navy (I think?) Fleece-like hoodie. Size medium $15

Heelys size 7 barely worn - $25-30, Running Shoes size 8 (Mens) Worn 1 XC Season -$20-25, Vans size 6(boys/mens) $15

Beanies! $3-5, Gloves $2-4

From First To Last Shirt size medium, somewhat worn - $3-5

DC Shirt, worn but like new, size large - $7

Reversable beanie - $5

St. Thomas shirt size large (back shown, front has smaller logo on left side)Never worn $5-10

Two blank shirts, White size large, gray size "small" (Both kind of big) $3 each

Straight Edge jersey tank from Motive Co size Large $7-10

XL Athletic Works red shirt $4

Longerish socks $1 each Never worn

Actual Army Pants - super soft! No idea how worn, seem new. Size 31-35 $30

Camo Shorts size 34 worn once or twice - $20

Honestly I'm willing to do whatever, feel free to  throw your own prices out there.
I'm located in upstate New York, not exactly sure what to do about shipping yet - would be greatly appreciated if you covered that as well depending on the items you buy, but if not then whatever. O.o; 

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