nsctech (nsctech) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Style 983 Black Binder from Underworks for sale or trade! (tri top)
I'm a bit desperate.. I bought it because my binders I have are pieced together from scraps of other binders I've owned over time and I can't really stitch them up anymore.
Problem is I bought a L, like I had a year or so ago and that did NOT fit. I need an XL. I've got some fairly significant bruises from the single wear its had.
it IS slightly stretched from my one wear.. I only wore it for 4 hours.
its clean and dry.

will ship asap.

Will take cash check, or trade. I'll list it on ebay if someone needs to use a Credit Card.

I paid $36 including shipping and would like at least 20 for it, plus shipping.

ALSO, more than willing to trade for a binder of another style.

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