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Mason Poseable Pack and Play and Archer Packer

Mason Poseable Pack and Play
Mason Poseable Pack and Play

Mason Poseable Pack and Play by New York Toy Collective
Great dual density prosthetic with 1.5" diameter and 7.5" insertible length. Has a bendable inner core that allows change of positions and prevents pop out.
It is marketed as a pack and play, although that might require some adjusting.
Almost brand new. Discounted selling price due to a small air bubble tear near the base. Still fully functional.

(Prosthetic has cornstarch on it in pictures)

$100 + shipping to continental US.

Paypal only.

*Also have a like new large Archer packer from the same company that looks like a flaccid version of the Mason if you want a matching set.

$150 with free shipping for both.

Both are in Caramel color.

Archer Packer
Archer Packer


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