Jules Lloyd wrote in ftmgaragesale

T-Men's Junk Shop, Hugo STP, 3&1, 6" Prosthetic

T-Men's Junk Shop, Hugo STP 3&1 6" Prosthetic, Caucasian

Erection rod and care instructions included.

I received this prosthetic and decided the skin tone and size was not fitting for me.  EXTREMELY light use, as in, only one time as an STP.  It will be sanitized before shipping.  

The original packaging, the white bag, is included. (It was not sent in sealed packaging. I will send it in the same packaging it arrived in.) 

Asking $100, originally $127.  Includes shipping to USA.  

Payments will be accepted through PayPal.

Contact julesdlloyd21@gmail.com for inquiries.


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