trans_throwaway (trans_throwaway) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

3 Packers for Sale! 2 Gendercat & 1 Reelmagik

Selling some packers I've accumulated while trying to figure out what works for me. All in good condition, will be sterilized when shipped, etc. Pricing flexible within reason (through PayPal).
Gendercat Gender Mender 3" Super Soft (standard balls) - $150

Note: light skin tone, tab was trimmed to fit me better so keep that in mind. Light-moderate use, no tears or anything like that. Adhesive not attached.

Gendercat 4rlz Jr 4" Super Soft - $200

Note: Darker skin tone than above (oops), very light use. Adhesive not attached.

Reelmagik Basic Packer 2.25" Soft - $20

Note: unused, no adhesive tab

Size/Color Comparison

Email me at if you're interested, have any questions or want more photos, etc.

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