kevaux wrote in ftmgaragesale

Emisil Gen 1 STP 5.7” in color s07 for sale! - SOLD

Bought for $480 (including shipping). Like brand new. No damage, and will be sanitized. Asking for $280 + shipping. I am open to negotiating and trading.

Skin tone works well for tanned Caucasians, Asians, or Hispanics.

This product is a great STP with a generous funnel. It will be good for larger guys or people who like to pack big. As a really small dude, it still packs decently for me, but I personally prefer to pack small so I rarely use it.

Unfortunately I am not going to be selling the rod because it fits with other products I have.

Email me at for more info or pics. I am moving locations soon so I may close this listing on September 10 if nobody buys it by then


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