Kosy Lee (Kosy Lee) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Kosy Lee
Kosy Lee


1. I currently have a freetom Pack and play simple 6' engorged 3 skin tone. Brand-new never used. Still in the packaging from freetom. Paid over $100 for it I'm only asking $90.

2. I have a Hector from ftmshopping.it
It's a tan skin toned 9' prosthetic. Used twice. And that was only wearing it. Although it's a 4n1. It can be used to pack, stp, or play. I will Include a rod I made for it(I used the rod for packing only to make it stay in a "down position"
Paid over $500 only asking $300

3. Also I have a freetom 8" Biggins hero. painted upgrade. Paid well over $400 for this brand new. I'm asking $130 it's still in amazingly great condition.

Nothing is ripped cut or has any default markings or anything whatsoever. Everything was kept up with and cleaned regularly. If interested in any of these please let me know thanks.

I'm currently in the process of something currently in my life. So I don't want anybody to think Im ignoring their messages. So please, only if you are REALLY REALLY interested in one of my prosthetics then go ahead and shoot me a text and I would be happy to talk to you about whatever one you like.


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