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Emisil and Transthetics for sale

I’m selling the following items

Emisil 2nd gen 4-in-1 5.5” (erection rod not included). Caucasian skintone, don’t know the exact colour code.

This Emisil is approximately 3 years old, but it is in good shape. Part of the funnel and tab have been cut off to allow for easier packing - it was almost impossible for me to pack with it before, but it was a lot easier after removing these parts. BUT, this means that the prosthetic is a lot harder to STP with and likely will not work for this.
The area where parts have been removed have been repaired with a sil-poxy adhesive repair kit which holds together very well (see pics).

This prosthetic has been used for packing but not very much, as I have experimented with packing but have discovered that it is not for me. It has never been used for sex. I don’t have the erection rod to go with it, but Emisil sells rods that will fit with the model. If I wanted to pack, I would definitely keep this prosthetic, I find it packs quite well and I hope it can bring joy to someone else. It is of course completely sanitized, and I will clean it again before shipping.

I am thinking 200 USD/170 EUR. I live in Europe (Denmark). Please write me at if you’re interested.

Transthetics Hot Rod colour C002 light (without bullet vibe)

This is a great product, and it is brand new! As explained above, I have learned that packing/prosthetics do not work for me, but I had to buy different products to learn this. I bought this one but never had the desire to use it, but I have to say it seems pretty cool! I put it on one time but never used it for packing or play.

In terms of staying on the genitals, although I didn’t move around with it, it seemed to stay on the body very well, so I imagine it would work quite well for play/penetration, potentially with a harness.

You can find details about the product in this link

I am thinking 160 USD/135 EUR. I live in Europe (Denmark). Please write me at if you’re interested.

Email me at if you are interested.


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