Carter Allen (Carter Allen) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Carter Allen
Carter Allen

HardlineProsthetics 4-in-1 for Sale

Hey guys! I’m looking to sell my Junior D 6 inch 4-in-1 packer/STP/play from Hardline Prosthetics. It’s in “MS-1”, which is a light-medium tone. It’s in fantastic condition, like new. I’ve only used it to pee once or twice and it just isn’t what i’m looking for— it’s a great product but I’m a smaller guy, and it’s a little clunky for my frame so I’d like to get something else. The purchase price is $260, but I’d give it up for $160 & shipping with erection rod included. If you’re interested or would like to see some pictures of the product, shoot me a text at 516-551-4637.

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