big_crow (big_crow) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Packers and STPs for sale

More packers, packing gear, and STPs up for grabs at reasonable prices! All prices include shipping to the US and its territories. PayPal only.

Rodeoh packing boxers, XL: SOLD!

NYTC packing strap, XL: $15. It's good, I just prefer something with a waistband. Can be worn with a packer or an STP. Very comfy. $10 if you buy it with the Pierre packer.

Slingshot harness, XL: $15. Can be used with a Form Function STP, like the Model D shown below, or certain packers. $10 if you buy it with the Model D STP.

MyPack classic packing strap, medium pouch, XL waistband: SOLD!

NYTC Pierre, 5", Cashew: $40. Great uncut packer for someone who wants a big bulge. Just a little too big for me. I usually wear the smaller model.

Model D STP, light, uncut: $50. Great for peeing, but packs awkwardly for my weird body.

Reelmagik basic packer, 4.5", color P1, soft: $45. This is a great packer and can be painted with makeup or have STP tubing added to it. It makes a very noticeable bulge but not obscenely big.

Reelmagik basic packer, 5", color P1, soft: $15. This one is heavily discounted because I bought a defective model (two small tears on the backside) and I put a hole all the way down its shaft to insert STP tubing. Other than that it's a great and very big packer.

Gendercat GenderMender, 4", uncut, light color: SOLD!

EZP, uncut, color C002: $150. This is a great STP but doesn't always make it past my zipper due to my weird anatomy. If your junk is set a bit more towards the middle or front then it should work great.

Spouti: SOLD!

TransTape, 5", light beige: SOLD!

Message me here on LJ or email me at chefhenry96 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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