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Saving for Top Surgery

I have lots of items for sale as I am trying to save up for my top surgery which is coming soon! I don't have prices listed because I am willing to negotiate with anyone who makes an offer.

  1. Peecock 4-in-1 — Light skin tone, 4" 
  2. Mr.Fenis STP — Light skin tone
  3. STP Ninja STP — Light skin tone 
  4. Hardline Pros Tommy STP — Light skin tone
  5. EZP STP — c002 light color, cut
  6. GoGirl STP — Purple
  7. GC2B Full tank binder — white, xs
  8. GC2B Half tank binder — White, xs
  9. GC2B Half tank binder — White, s
  10. Underworks full tank binder (Style #988) — Black, xs 
  11. Underworks t-shirt binder (Style #998) — White, s
  12. Rodeoh STP boxers — Black, 27-29 
  13. My Pack STPeasy - Nude #3, small

If you're interested in any of it, please email me @ jordanbrandon2464@gmail.com or text me @ 575-252-7990  

If you are able to, please also consider donating to my GoFundMe! gofundme.com/f/jordans-top-surgery-goal 


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