Kody Stoy (ext_5544568) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Kody Stoy


so i figured i would post here and hopefully help somebody else out if i could possibly. so i have a couple things for sale.

yes everything has been used but everything is in amazing condition. no rips no tears no nothing. i took good care of these so hopefully somebody else can enjoy these as i am no longer in need;.

1) i have a emisil ER12 (7.5 inches) in s12 color option. the prosthetic is completely cleaned and in amazing shape. no hair upgrade and comes with rod. i paid over $600 for this. im asking for $300 obo.

2) i have 3 maybe 4 pairs or TRUHK black packing boxers. size Large. this specific brand is really great in my opinon. i paid about $35 for each pair. im asking $20 a piece for these or $50 for all pairs.

3) i have a reelmagik pack and play 7" circumcised model with firm fill.
color is m12 mixed. probably would work best for a white male or more so a tanned Caucasian person. i also opted for the enhanced color detail option on this one. i paid a little over $500 for this one and im asking $285 for it.

i no longer need any of these so i am looking to help a fellow brother out. i would like to recoup the costs some but really helping somebody is my main goal here. but i am also not giving these away for free, sorry.

if you are interested then go ahead and shoot me a text and or an email


or kodywuzhere@gmail.com

i am also including free shipping and tracking number on all or these items. to ensure safe and for sure delivery. also i would like to do business through paypal so that way everybody is protected here. but i also have venmo and cash app as well as chime. just let me know if you are interested and or would like photos of these. thanks for taking the time to read this guys. take care and i look forward to hearing from some of you maybe.
Tags: ftm, ftm garage sale, prosthetic, trans

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