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Prosthetics for Low Prices


If you’re looking for a cheaper good condition prosthetic that will ship quickly, look no further.

For inquires and pics please email:

All prices include shipping in US.

Basic packer from Axolom,
Lightest color, uncut: $25

Archer packer, lightest color, used once, cut: $35

Axolom (new company): Handy, 6”, made for 3-in-1. Color C2 (light beige). $50

STP FREELY from Transguy Supply. Lightest color: $35

Handy STP: It’s just too big for me. Perfect condition. Needs a harness. Easy to pee with. packs down or up, works great in jockstrap.

If you like packing a little bigger this one is for you!

STP Freely from trans guy supply. Like new. I just want to try out the XL and don’t need two of them. $35 like new, lightest color. Packs up easier.

Great beginner STP!

Packing pouches and underwear
(For reference most were too big for me and I’m 5’7” 125-130lbs)


Rodeoh briefs packer only: $15

Bullet briefs packer/STP compatible: $10 a piece, orange, red, or black.

Packing pouch classic w/hole: $12

Packing pouch classic no hole: $12

Rodeoh STP Briefs: $20

Bundled/but more then one for discounted price!

Most of them have only been used once and are in great condition! They will be sterilized and shipped discreetly.

Shipping only to the US and shipping is included in the price. For inquires and photos email me at:


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