Lee Borseth (Kaiden Sherwood) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Lee Borseth
Kaiden Sherwood

Lots of prosthics for sale

Emisil compact STP
Like new, used 2 times for practice.
I paid 110 asking 80 OBO

Emisil ER01 erect
Color is SO4
Never used but tried on
I paid 539.36 asking 350 OBO

Emisil flaccid packer uncut
Color is SO4
I paid 434.22 asking 300 OBO

Reelmagik basic packer
I paid 59.00 asking 30 OBO

FreeTom basic STP
I can't remember what I paid but it doesn't work for STP but a decent beginner packer and realistic look

Email me at kaidensherwood16@gmail.com
I respond within 1 hour and ship same day, PayPal payments only.

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