Sutter Morris wrote in ftmgaragesale

Gendercat 4 inch semi-hard packer

I am selling a 4 inch semi-hard gendercat packer with the original adhesive sheets and glue. The packer has a 3/4 inch fascination sleeve and the original gendermender balls (no floating testicles). The color is 3046. It looks very realistic.

I bought this a few months ago but turns out I don't like packing. I only used it about 2 times and wore Rodeoh boxers so it never even touched my skin.

This packer is a great size and is definitely soft enough to pack with comfortably. You can purchase a rubber filler that you can put inside the fascination sleeve that will make the packer hard for play (I lost the original). It is a little small to be great for play, but is one of the only realistic options for packing and playing spontaneously without looking like you have a massive boner. 

Original price: $249

I am selling it for $175 OBO. Email me at if interested.


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