Cal's Soul (saywhatufeel) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Cal's Soul

Neoprene Binder, Spandex shirts + other items

I have a neoprene binder that used to be a back brace type product. I've used it a few times back in 2003 but it's been in my closet ever since. Some guys can use these, some can't. I'm not one of those who can use this type.

If you need a binder make me an offer! I'm moving and so anything I don't take with me is going into storage. I'd hate to put something that could be useful to someone else in storage. Shipping should be around $4 within the USA.

81% Polyester; 21% Spandex Shirts:

1 white Prospirit XXL (never worn)
1 black Prospirit XL (never worn)
2 black Prospirit Lg (never worn)
1 black Prospirit Med (This one HAS been worn twice, "tagless sticker" came off in washer)

1 black Champion 88% Polyester; 12% Spandex XL (never worn)

Paid $60 for all of these. $20 takes them all - or make me an offer for the one(s) you'd like!

Other items

I also have this ebay auction up for some nice jeans similar to JNCO with 69" leg openings:
Auction Here

One auction is here on eBay for Judaism related books including learning Hebrew;
Auction is here

Other books I have include some VC Andrews, Rubyfruit Jungle, Harry Potter, Text Books for business and Psychology and Brit Lit, Some History books, books on Wicca and Covencraft, Infinite Jest, Narnia, etc.

Comic Books
Then I have my comic book collection.
Comics Here

Boots Here

Magic Cards - 97 miscellaneous cards from the 90's and a Rebel's Call Theme Deck.

Pogs and Slammers - There are about 165 random pogs plus 50 power ranger pogs in a numbered set and 7 heavy slammers of various thickness and 3 lightweight slammers. See more here: Pogs Here

Pokemon cards - 401 misc. cards from 1998 and in addition to that, 55 energy cards and 57 Trainer cards. That's over 500 cards. Please, don't make me relive my pog and pokemon days when I'm 30. HAHA!

Other Random items

Girl Scout patches, skybox inaugural cards (basketball)
And finally, if you need clothing in the form of work pants like khaki Carhart jeans or polo shirts let me know. I'll get you pictures. I have stacks of clothing I need to get rid of!

Airwalks in size 10.5 mens, worn 5 times, dress shoes Utility brand black size 10. Will be donated if not claimed in 3 weeks!

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