alunt (alunt) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Looking for Emisil stp 3rd gen (S11, S12, S14 ,S15) or reelmagik stp (M13, M15, M16) if you have one a little light or darker I might be interested

Selling: open to all offers and free shipping in US and if you want international you pay text me for pictures at (803)373-6037

$120 Peecock gen 3 4.75 w/ rod moderate brown
$30 reelmagik 3” packer color p2
$30 pink love smith stroker 1/2
$20 Peecock comfort harness L 36”-38”
$20 Peecock lips python pleasure rod 5.5
$15 Underworks large white full tank binder
$20 Underworks small nude half tank binder
$20 Rodeoh packing boxers 33”-35”
$15 Powerflex eco speedo 30”

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