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Lots of clothing up for grabs!

Hey guys.

We're a fairly new nonprofit organization in Olympia, WA (US) called Project: Transitions. The main goal we are working towards is establishing a fund that will help cover transition-related costs for trans people with financial need.

We've come across a lot of clothing and have decided to resell them. This will help us towards our goal in two ways: 1) by collecting donations in exchange for the items, we are slowly adding money towards our fund and 2) by making low cost clothing available to trans people, we are helping make the wardrobe changes that often come along with transition cheaper and more accessible.

Posting the clothing that we have available will be the only thing that this journal is used for, so feel free to friend us to keep track of updates through your friends page. We have some stuff up right now and another big installment will be up as soon as I have time to edit some more pictures.

More information is on the info page and everything is organized with tags.

Since this community is ftm-focused, here are the links for our current entry of men's shirts. Currently we have a lot more women's clothing than men's because our first big donation was from Torrid (a young-women's clothing store), but more for the guys will be up shortly!

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