spidey03 (spidey03) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Reelmagik STPetite - SOLD

Hey guys, I have a Reelmagik STPetite, 2 & 1/2 gendercat sheets and adhesive. The color is M6. I’m a pretty light guy and the other colors I sampled just seemed WAY too light. I feel like the up close picture shows the color most true. I liked how this one was kind of translucent compared to the others, blends more. I honestly just don’t have the patience/want to stay trimmed to use this STP. It does work great though.
I’ve worn it probably 5 times, so it’s practically new. Probably most sanitary if I remove the sheet before shipping.
Looking for $SOLD$
I waited since February and got it like a month or 2 ago.... lol.
You can email me at xmentosfreshx@hotmail.com

Have a good one guys.
(I’m using a really old email for stealth reasons in my personal life so I apologize if it takes me a min to respond)


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