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Emisil ER01 for sale

***EDIT: price reduced to $500***

I’m selling an emisil ER01 in color S02. The prosthetic is brand new, and has only been worn once. It has the hair upgrade, a pleasure pocket upgrade, and the silicone rod inside. The silicone rod is not bendable like the plastic rod is. I also have gendercat adhesive sheets that I bought to go with it and have about 2 and a half left. I think you could get 2 uses per sheet, so you probably have 5 or so uses left from the sheets I have.

There is nothing wrong with this prosthetic. It’s in perfect condition as it is brand new. I’m selling it because I’m kinda strapped for money right now and I don’t use it as much as I use some of my other prosthetics. Starting price is $575 because I paid over $700 for it. I will pay for shipping and I will ship it with USPS priority mail, so you can expect it in 2-3 days depending on how far you live from me.

Send me a text at (219)-718-0680 or an email at lzych@iu.edu. Willing to consider reasonable offers 😁


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