rhinocerotic wrote in ftmgaragesale 😊hopeful brooklyn

Seeking Post-Top-Surgery Recovery Supplies

Hello! New member here :D I'm having top surgery on Nov. 12th, #seeking any and all recovery supplies. Maybe from folks who have leftovers/are trying to get rid of stuff? Willing to buy/make offer/pickup within NYC. Especially looking for the following:

— Recovery compression vest/binder like this https://marena.com/products/mvs-compression-vest (size S or M) 

— Wedge pillow, or reading pillow, for sleeping upright

— Tear-away pants or shirts 

— Gauze, bandages, medical tape, silicone strips

— Scar Away gel or other scar care pRoDuCts

— Juven nutrition drink? (Not sure but ppl seem to recommend this)

— Whatever else


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