Christian Evans wrote in ftmgaragesale

Getting Phallo

Hey guys! So I'm getting phallo soon so I no longer need all my packers, etc. I figured I'd try to sell them here if anyone wants them! Most are slightly used but I will indicate that on each individual item. If interested in any/if you want pictures, please comment or email me at

Gendercat 6" Hard (used once) w/ moveable foreskin, amazeballs, and 3/4" fascination sleeve $350 (paid $550)*

Gendercat 6" Hard (used three times) w/ amazeballs, and 1/2" fascination sleeve $250 (paid $500)*

Transthetics Rod Circumcised (unboxed but completely unused) C006 color $125 (paid $200)

All products will be heavily sanitized and wrapped discretely before shipped. Shipping price not included.

*Gender cat products require a self-adhesive sheet which can be purchased on their website. 


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