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Selling: Freetom GEN 2 Rogue 5.5” “Light Skin” 4-in-1

Hey everyone, I’m here trying to sell my basically brand new FreeTom 4-in-1 prosthetic. I bought it kind of as a gift for myself a little while ago, not having tried much in the way of packing or STPs.. but I’m figuring out it’s just not what I need personally speaking, and I’d like to use the funds for something different!

It packs great, pees great– can’t speak for the “play” aspect personally...– but overall it’s a decent but still discreet size, and the material is soft and comfortable to use / wear in my experience.

I used it maybe 4 times, if that, so like I said it’s basically brand new, hardly been used. Mostly just been sitting in the box it came in, looking for a new home for a minute.

It’s missing the firm pleasure“rod” you would need to use it for play, so that will reflect in the price of course. The rods I believe are $15 or so online! The prosthetic itself is $200 online, w/o shipping included.

With everything factored in, the prosthetic being basically new, but missing the pleasure rod used for the “play aspect”, I’m looking to let it go for around $165, shipping included, and most likely insured thru postage (just for both of our piece of minds with the USPS....)

(This is $35 cheaper than it goes for brand new, without the shipping factored in. Shipping on their site right now is about $13... so altogether this is about $50 off the sticker price, and it’s basically barely been touched! Being as fair as I can with the price here. 🙏🏼)

I’d like to keep shipping within the US but if you’re interested and aren’t in the US feel free to message me still and we can talk- the overall price shipped would change in this case but we can try and work things out if it comes to that.

Feel free to EMAIL:

If you’re interested! Let me know of course that you saw this post, and feel free to ask any other questions from there. Thanks!



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