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— (Zolo pocket sleeve) all I want is for you to pay to shipping. 

— COMPACT STP; $90 - I paid $80 originally. Shipping and tracking will be $90. - Believe me, it's steep, I know. But COVID??? If the prices are cheaper than the last time I went, we'll talk. 

— TRANSCENDTHEM PAX STP; $175 — retail is $250 and this one is damaged so it's discounted.

— TRANSCENDTHEM PIP STP; $100 + shipping retail is close to $120 so trying to get a bit of my money back....sorry. 

— THE SPORTS JOCKSTRAP STP; original price is $30 - one size is small one size is xs even though I feel like the XS is bigger than the small ..... (yes, two separate ones). Each for $20 for both for $30, I'm not tripping. + shipping 

— TRUHK BOXER STP/PACKING UNDIES; retail is $30 - so I guess $20 + shipping. 

— MYSPOUTI; retail is $40... I'll ask for the $40 cause it's worth it and it's still in its original box so shipping won't be too much. The only reason I'm selling is bc I bought a Winkie and the Winkie works 100% better. I still use this and will until sold and then I'll boil it. 

-TRANSCENDTHEM PAX ROD; $30 - retail is $30 and I want my money back + shipping.

-BENSON DAVIS "ROSEY"  STP; $50 - I bought it for $90 and it's not worth that in my opinion, so I just want $50 + shipping.

I'm pretty firm on prices cause I need the money but I'm willing to work with others bc I know we're in a pandemic and we're all broke as hell. I'm friendly as hell, I have no filter, HOWEVER, I RARELY check this... so if you are interested in any of these products; my IG is @agendertotherescue5 inbox me and we can chat. I'm also doing a giveaway on there... check out a few posts down and check it out. Peace and Love to you all, oR EMAIL ME AT pictures upon request.

*only US shipping.* 


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