sneakersjay (sneakersjay) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Lola Jake Sam Plus

I purchased this in July and it does not suit my purposes at all.  It is new, never used.  It is out of the packaging and has been washed and powdered.

It has 2 removable silicone rods, an attachment tab, and has the hole if you want to add an STP device.  It also has 3D balls.

I will throw in the medical adhesive and solvent from Factor 2.

From the Lola Jake Website regarding this model:  Sam is our mid-size model. He offers the best of both Pack&Play. If you don't want a large bulge,yet good length, this is it. Hand-crafted and painted, it features every little detail including veins on the shaft.  Specs: 5.25" x 4.75". With full 3D balls.

Price Paid: $580    Will take $325 via PayPal.  Free Shipping.

I have pictures but can't seem to get them under a cut.  Email me if you want pics.

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