James Keys wrote in ftmgaragesale

Packer, STP, and Harness for sale!

Howdy! A year or so ago I invested in a packer/stp/harness but soon figured out packing wasn't really for me--just trying to get them to a good home before I move states. Here's what I have: 

-FreeTom Rogue 5.5" Pack n' Play (Warm Rosy Skin)--asking $65 (paid $105)

-FreeTom Buddy 3.5" STP (Light Brown)--asking $40 (paid $97)

-RodeoH Boxer Harness (Black, Size Medium)--asking $35 (paid $50)

Prices are negotiable, and everything has been used once or not at all! Text me at 812-453-9828 or email slowrisebreadcompany@gmail.com. Happy to send pictures/more details. 


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