nicka77 wrote in ftmgaragesale

Lots For Sale! :) Check It Out!

Lots of items for sale, make an offer! All items will be disinfected before packaging. Shipping will cost $8.00+ (USPS Small Flat Rate Package) depending on range. Send me an email for pics or more info: Thanks!

— 1 Black Size Medium UnderWorks Binder. Only worn twice, like new. $30

— 1 Black Size Small/Medium Hook & Loop Binder. Worn once. $20

— Realdoe Stout, Caucasian Skin Tone. Never used. $55

— 8.5 Inch Dual-Density Silicone Realistic Dildo With Round Balls. Caucasian/Latino Skin Tone, Realistic Paint. $30

— Freetom Traditional 6.5 Inch Prosthetic. Caucasian Skin Tone No Paint, Small Rip Under Urethra. $80

— Freetom Buddy STP Packer. Caucasian Skin Tone No Paint. $50

— 2 Jockstrap Style Packing Harnesses, Size Small. $15


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