anotherkayden (anotherkayden) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

SOLD Emisil Compact and Gendercat super soft 4"

Hi! Im selling some prosthetics i dont use anymore :)

- SOLD emisil compact 50 USD
-used it a couple times, soesnt work too well for me. Small tiny flaw in cup, doesnt affect function. Ill sanitize it before i send it. Medium color.

-SOLD gendercat 4" super soft with amazeballs 175 USD SOLD
-loved it so much i got the 4rlz and now i have no use for this. A darker medium, for reference i am a medium-fair filipino and its a couple shades darker than me. Adhesive is still somewhat sticky, ill sanitize and send a gendercat adhesive kit

you can send me an offer, but these prices are pretty damn low and include shipping to the US. Also willing to trade for a hot rod, or trade and cash for a sinthetics, reelmagik, emisil, or other realistic prosthetic.

Tags: ftm, ftm garage sale, garage sale, packer, prosthetic, sale, trans

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