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FreeTom For Sale

Freetom - Natty Average 4n1. (Website says 5in length and 5in girth). I think it’s Caucasian color, it’s really pale. No paint upgrade. It was the new gen 2 model, however I found it extremely hard to use their new urethra so I did modify it in order to not have to pinch the end for pee to come out. I’m discounting it because it is modified. Does not work with my anatomy for STP function, tried it a hand full of times. Did not use it for anything else. Will be sanitized before shipping. I believe I still have the erection rod that will also be included.  Paid $187 for it, asking for $75 to also cover shipping, anywhere in the U.S. 

Prefer payment before shipment via PayPal/Venmo. 

Email me at: KuwaitCamelRacer@gmail.com if you’re interested or would like more details/pictures. Please don’t respond here, I won’t get it. 


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