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Lots of Cock for sale

EXPAND to see everything.

Reelmagik packer  — $50
GenderCat 4Rlz semi-hard 4" —  $180
Freetom 4-n-1 Gen2 Rogue  — $125
Buckoff — $15
Blowjob cock — $70
LolaJake PnP — SOLD

I'm in Canada, but willing to ship anywhere if you Paypal upfront. 


ReelMagik 4.5" Classic Model P2 packer $50 usd

>> Barely used. Nice piece, nice squish, nice firmness — just enough, but not too much. However, does have a little weight to it, if you're looking for that. 

Bendy enough to pack to the side.
Bendy enough to pack to the side.
default hang
default hang
Basic Back
Basic Back
Showing the squishability
Showing the squishability

Gender Cat 4RLZ 4" Semi-Hard $220 usd

Does have the rod and 1" fascination sleeve, but does not have the 3d ball inserts. Great piece, very realistic. I"m a smaller guy (5'6" / 150lbs) and I like to wear fitted clothing so it is a bit of challenge for daily wear. It does fuck well and is nice for those spontaneous moments. I think a bigger guy could rock this for daily wear with no issues. 

They take a very long time to arrive when ordered new, so save that time and order here! Also interested in trading for a 4RLZ 3 or 4" soft of a similar color. 

I'm ultimately caucasian but am a tad on the darker side / lite latino, so that's the coloring. Should go well with most white and latino guys.  

showing the squish
showing the squish

FreeTom Gen 2 Rogue 4-in-1 / 4.5" $125 usd

Comes with a rod insert. Used twice, just doesn't work for me — may work better for you. It does fuck. 

Blow Job Cock / Cum Cock $70 usd

These are nice for guys with a lot of growth or meta/release. They say that if someone blows this cock it will create a nice suction on your cock on the other side. I've never used it for that, so I don't know. I bought it so my cock wouldn't be smashed up against a hard cock base while I fucked. Sometimes cum runs into it and out the tip which is hot. Have other cocks my partner and I like more tho. 

Buck Off $15usd

My buddy raved about this, but I just prefer my hand. Used maybe twice. 

Hard to see, but it's ribbed inside and very squishy for max suction.
Hard to see, but it's ribbed inside and very squishy for max suction.

Retro Lola Jake P-n-P $50usd

Insertable rod, 3d balls, texture is shiny but they say that wears off with use. If you just wanna try a hefty fucker for cheap, give this one a try. 


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