pixielart wrote in ftmgaragesale

UK Selling: Reelmagic 5" M4 Uncut Pack & Play - Enhanced detail

UK based, not sure on shipping overseas: Selling Reelmagic 5" Uncut Model Pack & Play, Colour M4 (light), has enhanced detailing/colour (I asked specifically for them not to add beauty marks/moles to this however!), Firm filling, Flex rod, No hair. Has never been used sexually, worn twice but it was too firm to pack with and I had no use for it for sex so I'm reselling it! I paid around £550 / $630 for it originally, I'm looking for around £400~£500 + shipping, the prices are very much negotiable though! I don't need it gone right away, so I don't mind waiting for a good offer/someone to get paid first - Thank you!

(more active on reddit, same username)


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