Alex Bond (sunthrublinds) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Alex Bond

UK seller - £70 Joystick for sale

I've got the joystick by transthetics, 6 inch version in the lightest colour.

Its been used so the paint has faded, the blue veins not so much, but the red paint on the head is mostly gone. It still looks very realistic imo and this is reflected in the price. Everything will be sterilised before posting ofc.

I personally decided to stop using the original transthetics vibe, I found it kept breaking for no reason, even when I replaced it, and so I switched to an alternative from AliExpress which fits the joystick just like the official vibe. It's also much cheaper to replace if it breaks (under £20). Functions pretty much the same when you're using it, except it has 2 buttons instead of just one.

This one works perfectly and so I'll include it, and I'll also give you the link in case you ever need to replace it. Of course you could also buy the transthetics vibe on its own if you wanted to in future.

I also have the head attachment for the vibe and a charger which I'll include.

Free uk postage —  if you want me to send it overseas I can look into it but it will cost more to post so please bear that in mind.

Email me at if you're interested, I generally only use paypal cause it has buyers/sellers protection in place.


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