challey94 (challey94) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Looking to Buy! (STPs, HQ Packers, 4/3/2-in-1s)

I’ve been looking to buy a new packer for a while and would prefer to buy off of other transmen to diminish some expense and help out someone who may need some extra cash!

I’m interested in buying preferably an STP, but will also possibly buy more high-end packers. (P&Ps are not necessary for me at the moment, though I’d be interested in 2-in-1, 3-in-1 , and 4-in-1 models)

I’d prefer a close matching skin tone (I‘m Caucasian with pretty fair skin; neutral to slightly pinkish undertones). For ReelMagik products the M4 is the closest matching, but I believe M3-M5 would also work well. For Emisil products I believe the most compatible would be S01. Not too certain on other brands.

Size-wise I’d prefer nothing bigger than 5”. Obviously, would prefer products that have had minimal use. No particular preference between cut and uncut. Currently have the EZP so not interested in that model.

Email me at and let me know if you have any STPs/packers I might be interested in. If you have a set range in mind let me know or I can give you an offer. Preferably shipping from continental U.S. or Canada.


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