eventhorizon7 wrote in ftmgaragesale

Packer, STP, pump etc...

Selling a few items, please contact me at dream_skyward7@yahoo.com

Transthetics joystick/bono pack & play with textured head attachment (no vibe)

Pack with it a few times, never used for play

7 inch, C004 medium color, $200

Transthetics EZP STP packer

Used it a few times, some blemishes on the head

C004 medium color, $100

Reelmagik basic packer

Only been used a few times, two small tears in the back of the shaft

4.5 inch, P3 color, soft model, $30

New York Toy Collective Archer packer

Only been used a few times

5 inch, hazelnut color, $30

Gendercat gender extender fascination sleeve

Brand new

1 inch diameter sleeve, 3077 color, $60

Size matters vacuum pump with pressure gauge

Only been used a few times



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