challey94 (challey94) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Emisil 3-IN-1 STP 2nd Gen 5.5” (Skin Color #2)

Reselling Product: (Color tone best matches #2

Color is too dark and size is a bit too big for my preference. Only worn once to test the adhesive, which does work well. Hasn’t been used as an STP.

Paid a little over $400 with shipping, willing to sell for $300. I can include a new bottle of the Pros-Aide Adhesive for an additional $20!
Can ship continental U.S. and Canada, possibly international if shipping is paid for. I can accept wire transfer, mail order, or PayPal (there may be transactions fees that need to be covered for the latter).

If interested contact me: (will send pics and receipt)

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