wilderx wrote in ftmgaragesale

Peecock 5.5 in gen3s light beige

Selling my 3 in 1 stp. No damage or signs of wear, just decided it's too big for my comfort when packing, especially considering I'm small and the type to wear skinny jeans. 

Will come with the hollow erection rod as well as the gen2 pleasure rod in original. Will ship in the original peecock black cinch bag as well.

Paid nearly $350 for all of it (purchased when generation was newer), hoping for $150, also willing to trade down if someone wants to trade up in size

link to view color/features: https://peecockproducts.com/peecock/gen3s/peecock-gen3s-5-5inch.html

email knighted68 at gmail.com for more info, pictures, etc.


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