mattr28 (mattr28) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Peecock Products for Sale- Massive Discount

(My last sale post for a while) (I’m going to start posting some real content, just trying to make my last $100 for a top surgery deposit)

Peecock 4in1: Gen 3s, 4.75”, beige, uncircumcised $90

Only flaws: paint rubbing of in some places. Erection rod gen 3 and pleasure rod included. Harness not included.

Peecock Basic Parker NEW PRODUCT: 3”, beige (but it’s darker then most), super high quality, $55.

Can use adhesive sheets for it just like a gendermender! The color is too dark for me. I think the basic packers are darker then their other products. Perfect condition.

Email me or DM me for pictures. Ship to US only. Shipping included in prices. Real inquiries only.

Everything from old posts SOLD.

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