Rowan Moon (Rowan Moon) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Rowan Moon
Rowan Moon

Compact STP for sale under $100

$80 obo ships / delivers from Portland

Hi, I have a gently used Compact STP for sale, something found on Rodeoh’s website. It’s similar to the ezp (just not quite enough for me) in that the STP function works super well, never had an issue, and it packs nicely without totally taking over or feeling too big. The downside for me is the lack of compatibility with my current underwear options and that I’m paying too much to pack right now because I rarely stand to pee.. I do high intensity activities and it stays put in jock strap, but for less intense activities it’s holds its position and angle in regular y shaped briefs and works very well in packing undies that have the pouch. I could use the money more that anything right now. My loss your gain!

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