xenawarriorprin (xenawarriorprin) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Selling Bono and gendercat. Buy separately or get both for 340.


Selling my prosthetics to save up for a reelmagik. I've kept all of my prosthetics in great condition, properly stored and always used with protection.

The Bono (now renamed the joystick)

6 inch in the color light with the rechargeable vibe with the bendable head, the additional soft textured silicone head attachment for extra pleasure, USB charger, and also including the separately sold master jizz cum lube unscented (used for the ejaculation compartment in the bono..full bottle used twice). Most people love the bono so much, and it is great..if you use it as intended. Which would be for sex and masterbation. I bought this as an impulse buy as soon as I seen it. I used it once with my partner and once alone. I quickly realized that I care more about packing, peeing and aesthetics more than anything else. I cant afford to keep this and pay for a reelmagik at the same time. For that reason I'm selling it so I can buy my dream packer.

Paid: $400 (after shipping)

Cost: 230 firm

Gendercat 6 inch hard with 1/2 inch pleasure pocket (regular gendercat testicles)

Used 3 times, worn about 10 times total. It is hard enough for all forms of penetration and definitely bendable enough to pack with...its actually the perfect firmness in my opinion to be a pack and play. I love it, but the pleasure pocket is too small for me which was really upsetting (it would be best for someone pre t), I also ordered the wrong color and went too dark for my preference. Another issue for me is I'm 5ft tall and 90 lbs, and since I wear skinny Jean's daily it's just not a perfect fit for me. I think it would be better suited for someone who is taller or maybe even weighed a little more.

Paid: $300 (after shipping)

Cost: 150 firm

Contact me here or xenawarriorprincess346@gmail.com
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