nsctech (nsctech) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Hey guys, I recently dropped an unexpected amount of weight.. good, great, and all, BUT I'm kindof living on a $20 a paycheck food budget and thats why. I cant actually afford to go buy clothing, and I cant keep any of my pants on! Anyone have a pair of pants or shorts they've been thinking about parting with in a 36x30 or 36x32?
anyone live in chicago and know of some worthwhile places to get cheap clothing??

also. is anyone carting around an extra belt they'd love to part ways with.. my only one is leather, and I was the exact same size for a year of wearing it, and it cant help hold my pants up b/c its shaped to my old waist and is bent wierd.
thanks guys.

I can try to help pay s&H.. but I've yet to land a job. :/

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